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rewrite history.


the days that never came;
an amy/eleven fix-it ficathon | by northernqueens and killdarlings

please have the main pairing be amy/eleven, though other characters are welcome to appear in fics and prompts.  angry with how the powers that be steered the past few series?  erase it!  time can be rewritten, but only if you prompt and fill!  we welcome everything here:  aus, kinks, fluff, you name it; just keep the focus on the doctor and his pond, and be sure to post trigger warnings  and ratings if they apply.  i'm sure it goes without saying, but no harassing, flaming, or any other nastiness, please.  posts can be filled more than once, so write as much as you want!

should look something like:
                              characters.  brief summary, song lyric, random poetry, etc.

should look something like:
                              title.  characters.  rating and/or trigger warning if applicable.
in addition, please reply on the fills comment with the same, but include a link to the thread where you filled, or an outside source where the fic is.

we will have more banners up for pimping out the ficathon soon, but if you're on tumblr and want to get the word out, please reblog this post!

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